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Valentine’s Day: How To Say I Love You Through The Symbolic Meaning Of The Flowers

With Valentine’s Day approaching the time has come to select the present that you will give to your loved one. One of the most popular presents given by men on Valentine’s Day are undoubtedly flowers. On the other hand they tend to give only red roses as they generally think they are the only sort of flowers to give on Valentine’s Day. You have to know that over the ages, people assigned certain meanings to flowers; which provides you with the opportunity to make your gift even more specialized.

This article will help you interpret the language of flowers, so you can choose what best suits the stage of your relationship: you will not be giving the same type of flowers to the mother of six children as those gave you when she was sixteen.

Shyness can stop you to confess your feelings to your wife, to solve this problem, give him a bouquet of May, which is a message of hope of a slight heart: "You're the only woman in my thoughts. Your answer satisfy my desires ... "Or you can get help in different colors the thoughts that go to see how it makes your heart beat.

Valentine is the best day of the year for you to confess your passion is the reason why you are sending white gardenia or white carnations as they relate to secret passion. As an alternative, blueberries or azaleas is a great way to say "I confess my love", and when several colors are tulips oath of sincere love.

While white camellias symbolize the passion and dedication to your passion, red camellias will say "You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." There are several different ways to say that you think of the woman and Jasmine can help you do: with yellow jasmine you talk about passion, red will be jasmine madness and white jasmine will be smooth.

While the white lilies of the best way to confess to harmony, purity and innocence of your feelings, the easiest way to explain your feelings and joyful innocence is done through a bunch of daisies and orange flower. There is a kind of flowers that never die and will be your lady of the power of your love: straw flowers. Any lapse iris and red, white / red or purple fuchsia will tell your beloved how much your heart is burning for it, orchids are related to sensuality and temptation.

Rose is the flower of love, on any occasion. But what do you know about the meaning of their colors? Of course, the passion and devotion; pink rose is a promise kept and charm, joy, glamor and taste. Everything is white rose of innocence of your affection, lavender, and said it fascinates you, both on and off stage and brought the concept of love at first sight. Orange roses tell your sweetheart how much she is sexy and adorable. Blue roses convey the peace and tranquility and fresh flowers full of roses symbolize your commitment.

There are flowers that will make sure your daughter for your perseverance and commitment, you cherish her until the end of time, irrespective of the good and the bad weather: red, yellow or blue anemones. Brown or red, amaranth is a symbol of endless love.

Valentine is a festival celebrated by the youngest. While adolescents are already in a novel for a long time to choose to give their friend a bouquet of blue iris. As in adolescence is linked by a puppy love, he gives his girlfriend primulas or a pot of crocuses.

Valentine is not only reserved for those who are celebrating love is also a day to think about your friends. White or purple lilac symbolizes simplicity and sincerity. Alternatively, wisteria tell your friends how much you care for them, after all, the residents of Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives) are best friends!

Because of their popularity, the flowers are often given as an addition to other gifts as a cuddly, adorable teddy bear, a box of Belgian chocolates or delicious, hand-lights, chocolate covered cherries. As you can see, there are an infinite number of conditions that can be admitted through the language of flowers. The curious problem is to choose one that best describes your love. Whatever you do do it with brio and with the aim of making the woman in your life and feel sensational, in turn, it will certainly make you feel sensational too! Bonne Saint Valentin!

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