Friday, April 3, 2009

Valentine Poems Hope

Your hands placed in my hands,
crossed the park to hurt me,
that afternoon when, finally, I
close my wounds with your words.

The leaves fall from trees
trodden our feet, and its sad echo,
seem hearts, I say,
sap who lost their lives.

A strong wind, cold and unexpected,
along the paths and free deserts
quarter of the dry summer galas ...

and flee from the hearts of dead
llebnos love, your heart and mine,
sang together open to life.

A love - Jose Angel Buesa

A great love, a love far away
is like the morning glory
I would not flourish in vain
and continues to flourish but do not want.

A great love we are just one day
and is sadly the same as a dry well,
it has no water had
but still has the echo.

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