Friday, April 3, 2009

sweet valentine poems

when you saw the state
of my dehydrated heart
you added water

I Saw You
you didn't see me
as you walked past my office.
You stood on your tip toes
to see over the partition
to see if I was there
it made me smile.

1 love me
2 hate me
3 miss me
4 need me
5 adore me
6 like me
7 feel me
8 wana hug me
9 wana kiss me
10 wanna kill me
send ur best 3 answers.

Love Poem
The way I hear my ringtone
I know it will be u on the phone

your eyes are the blue
of the deep end of the pool
the world
has been put through the rinse cycle
and dries in the sun
and I am happy

my body
is your text,
read me
@ your will,
each letter
a caress,
just wait until,

Like A Book
don't like
that i can read your mind
as a bus ticket
or the sign
for your town:
a road
i've never

Watch Dog
Watch me,
or I'll be prowling my way
round your house of a body:
licking at windows,
stealing through doors,
trying beds out for size.

Come Quickly.
The bath is over-flowing.
The candles are burning down.
I have cut a peach in half.
Don't make me eat it alone.

i give u
a glimpse of me,
transposed thro tip-tap
of fingers on keys;
my body lies
between the lines.

Id seen before,
so I watched it
turning in my seat
thru u: your face,
caught, edged
in reflected silver,
a smile
opening your profile

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