Friday, April 3, 2009

My Valentine poems

Today Valentine's Day
Love rộn ceremony that the city
in the flower market along the road two
chock-full of the joker
no missing children, aged
ranked poor enough, to
who also offer well find,
also smile rạng rỡ
I also insert foot crestfallen
I remember thinking
Do not know they still remembered
or they have forgotten?!

when I see her every smile
on each pair of red birds chùm
asked "he does want to buy flowers"
see shop ngập overflowing flower colors
confusing me with smiles bẽn lẽn

I buy flowers on the points in
Cemetery way out im sad now
Flowers pink shade on the heavy hand triu
Dew and smoke has immediate
Bike fall on the way worn hiu hắt
Headstone im also lim lim closed than

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