Friday, April 3, 2009

I know you

I know your look, and
I know I did not say anything,
Today I doubt your feelings
Large they are,
I doubt today, and is not in sleep
I heard you wanted me,
Was your mouth, your soul ...
Because if you believe, as cree
When listening to the soul,
You wanted to escape and we did ...
But could not bear
The price of your load
Hapless everyday
More importantly, believe in the word
A bum without a soul,
Even thought that I was not anybody ..
Could not hide your past
When talking to me ..
When, alone remained
My words became echoes.

When your adventure failure
Feel the need to start again
Along with that ... that his life
You have to make if needed,
But do not you love me, because your
Sentiment is not sincere,
With time again have the need
To escape my clutches,
I have been thrust into
For the love I feel,
But you know well, I for you
I will never be anything ... Stay with your
Ghost ... and I will be without anything.

If you really love me,
I know that back in the other world
We will find,
Because love is a disease
Not damaged and lives on the ashes
Do not buy love with words,
Not force you to lie
To say that you love,
For you're alone,
For you to stay single.

Only bríndate without any limits,
When you feel the love in your soul
Because when you love with your mind
Or your body the next day not feel anything.

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