Friday, April 3, 2009

LEDA - Spanish Love Poems

The swan appears in the shadow of snow;
its beak is amber, the dawn light;
the soft twilight that passes such a short
Candida sonrosa the wings of light.

And then, in the blue waves of the lake,
after dawn lost its glow,
the wings and neck lying enarcado,
the swan is silver, bathed in sunshine.

That is, when the feathers of sponge tissue,
Olympic wounded bird of love,
and violating a noise in the lymph Leda,
seeking his lips in peak bloom.

Sighs the beautiful nude and losing
and as air their complaints are,
green background of dense foliage
troubled eyes sparkle Pan

The sweet mouth
The sweet taste mouth invites
humor among pearls distilled
and that no liquor Invidia sacred
that the waiter Júpiter Minister Ida,

¡Lovers! Do not touch if you want life:
because between the lip and another color
Love is the poison of armed
between flower and flower which Sierpe hidden.

Do not be fooled that by Aurora Rose
say that aljofaradas and odorous
it fell within the purple.

Apples are not roses and Tantalum,
after fleeing the inciting now
and only love is the poison.

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