Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to Give Her the Perfect Valentines Day

Most women expect to have their Valentines Day present given to them usually over the usual cliched candel-lit dinner. What your girl will not expect to get is a full days worth of surprises. This will work only if both of you have the day off. So it might be something that you want to plan ahead of time so the two of you can take vacation days from work so you can enjoy the entire day together.

Once you have the day to spend together alone, you should start the day with his amazing breakfast in bed. You can do something simple but elegant. Make your favorite breakfast or go with something simple, like his favorite win. The goal is to get before and after she wakes up with breakfast in bed. After breakfast, you can spend the whole morning lounging in bed or walking in the park where you can treat at a picnic if you live where the climate is hot. If not, you can take his place for a romantic breakfast.

If you opt for a picnic, you can go to any supermarket and the packaging of a fried chicken meal ready for a wonderful picnic in the park. All you need to do is lie on a blanket and utensils. Do not forget to bring something to drink and to choose an isolated area to give you some privacy and sound. If it is a cold place, or if the weather is a little too cold, then make your stay in a romantic picnic. She will love the effort and spontaneity, which is really the way to show how much you care.

After your romantic dinner, something like that to take pleasure in a movie at the same time that she wanted to see. Depending on where you live, you can have fun in the sun or go skating. Whatever you choose make sure it's something you two can do together. You can do something that both of you have never tried before. Roller skating or if you're really in the two sports take a laser tag game where you can fight one another.

End the day with a romantic dinner for two, either at home (where you cook a meal) or to his favorite restaurant. You can even surprise with its reservations to a top of the line she has always wanted to try. The key here is what she loves to eat, and where she likes to eat, so you can finish the day in style by spoiling his favorite meal with his favorite location. Once dinner is finished, you can ruin his day eventually give it the perfect bubble bath, or perhaps a romantic relaxation massage candle light. This will give it a Valentine's Day, she will never forget.

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