Friday, April 3, 2009

UNIA, my tears - love poems

Lloro ... Mourn, yes.
I'm not the only one that does.
But my tears are blood
as suicide ago
long time ago.

The wounds remain open
although they look with different eyes,
with very different looks ...

Is this not understandable?
For many it is, is not just a word ...
for me is just a word.
One word that defines something
a word in a dictionary.

But who will fix my soul?
Who will close my wounds
and heal?
Who will erase the last hidden
desesperada under our skin?

Nobody on the closed time.
But what this big lie, but
leaves our mouths
knowing that when we look
who caused the opening
as if they were sword in hand.

No matter.
Out in the Past,
Present and past in
in the very distant future.

So what else is.
The weather soon will my memories ...

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Valentine's Day Love Poems

How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being an ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of everyday's
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.

I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,--I love thee with the Breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!--and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.

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Valentine Poems Hope

Your hands placed in my hands,
crossed the park to hurt me,
that afternoon when, finally, I
close my wounds with your words.

The leaves fall from trees
trodden our feet, and its sad echo,
seem hearts, I say,
sap who lost their lives.

A strong wind, cold and unexpected,
along the paths and free deserts
quarter of the dry summer galas ...

and flee from the hearts of dead
llebnos love, your heart and mine,
sang together open to life.

A love - Jose Angel Buesa

A great love, a love far away
is like the morning glory
I would not flourish in vain
and continues to flourish but do not want.

A great love we are just one day
and is sadly the same as a dry well,
it has no water had
but still has the echo.

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LEDA - Spanish Love Poems

The swan appears in the shadow of snow;
its beak is amber, the dawn light;
the soft twilight that passes such a short
Candida sonrosa the wings of light.

And then, in the blue waves of the lake,
after dawn lost its glow,
the wings and neck lying enarcado,
the swan is silver, bathed in sunshine.

That is, when the feathers of sponge tissue,
Olympic wounded bird of love,
and violating a noise in the lymph Leda,
seeking his lips in peak bloom.

Sighs the beautiful nude and losing
and as air their complaints are,
green background of dense foliage
troubled eyes sparkle Pan

The sweet mouth
The sweet taste mouth invites
humor among pearls distilled
and that no liquor Invidia sacred
that the waiter Júpiter Minister Ida,

¡Lovers! Do not touch if you want life:
because between the lip and another color
Love is the poison of armed
between flower and flower which Sierpe hidden.

Do not be fooled that by Aurora Rose
say that aljofaradas and odorous
it fell within the purple.

Apples are not roses and Tantalum,
after fleeing the inciting now
and only love is the poison.

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The vacuum left - Spanish poets

You left my life,
tomorrow with a scent of spring
Huista as a ray of light
I left a deep wound.

I will not know how to fill your void
as great as the pain I feel
and even fewer can understand,
because I've left in oblivion.

and now that you left,
the sky is not the same
the moon no longer shines as before,
because you do not admire

I'm sad and lonely
I have left alone and your memories
a wilting flower, an old letter
love and a pounding in my chest.

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Amor Eterno - poems

May forever cloud the sun;
May be dried in an instant the sea;
May break the axis of the earth
As a weak crystal.
Everything will happen!
Death may
cover your funeral crepe;
but can never fade me
the flame of your love.

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20 love poems and a Song of Despair

Poem 7

Tilted in the afternoon shooting my sad nets
ocean to your eyes.

It stretches and burns in the highest fire
loneliness that turns my arms like a castaway.

I red signal on your eyes absent
Olean to the sea at the edge of a lighthouse.

Guards only darkness my distant female,
Your eyes sometimes emerge espanto coast.

Tilted in the evening echo my sad nets
to the sea that shakes your eyes ocean.

Nocturnal birds pecking the first stars
that flashing my soul when I love you.

Gallops night mare in its grim
spread spikes on the blue field.

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love you - love poems

Your hands are my caress
my everyday chords
I love you because your hands
working for justice

because if you want to sos
My accomplice and I love everything
and on the street side by side
We are more than two

your eyes are my spell
against bad day
I love you for your eyes
watching and seeding future

Your mouth is yours and mine
Your mouth is not wrong
I love you because your mouth
yell known default

because if you want to sos
My accomplice and I love everything
and on the street side by side
We are more than two

your face and warm
and move your bum
and your tears for the world
because people love you sos

and because love is not halo
candida or moral
and because we are partners
who knows that she is not alone

I want you in my paradise
ie in my country
people to live happy
even if you leave

because if you want to sos
My accomplice and I love everything
and on the street side by side
We are more than two.

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The most natural - love poems

I stopped as you were last in -
immaterial as it is your eyes.

I left as you would so quickly -
more intangible, which is my smile.

But between you and my eyes smiling
face, was floating the same dream.

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Poema de San Valentin

I do not know if your fault
or a treacherous Serafín
but now you carry in the mind
on Valentine's Day

It might be that perfume
leave that to Jazmín
when I see your silhouette pass
on Valentine's Day

Or talk about your smile
and the color crimson lips
that stretch with joy
on Valentine's Day

None of this, only Cupid,
like taking my heart to
has shot his arrow
on Valentine's Day

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I know you

I know your look, and
I know I did not say anything,
Today I doubt your feelings
Large they are,
I doubt today, and is not in sleep
I heard you wanted me,
Was your mouth, your soul ...
Because if you believe, as cree
When listening to the soul,
You wanted to escape and we did ...
But could not bear
The price of your load
Hapless everyday
More importantly, believe in the word
A bum without a soul,
Even thought that I was not anybody ..
Could not hide your past
When talking to me ..
When, alone remained
My words became echoes.

When your adventure failure
Feel the need to start again
Along with that ... that his life
You have to make if needed,
But do not you love me, because your
Sentiment is not sincere,
With time again have the need
To escape my clutches,
I have been thrust into
For the love I feel,
But you know well, I for you
I will never be anything ... Stay with your
Ghost ... and I will be without anything.

If you really love me,
I know that back in the other world
We will find,
Because love is a disease
Not damaged and lives on the ashes
Do not buy love with words,
Not force you to lie
To say that you love,
For you're alone,
For you to stay single.

Only bríndate without any limits,
When you feel the love in your soul
Because when you love with your mind
Or your body the next day not feel anything.

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Spanish Love Poems

What would you do if it did not exist,
This poor creature out of nothing?
What would I do if you do not see,
as a very distant from my love?

To my sad life would be without consolation,
anyone love his world,
would be like a vagabond dog,
seeking their bread in every land.

And you do that?
perhaps not feel the lack of my love and my chest;
that while love you with all my rights,
you never by me, you afligirias.

Is this true or nightmare?
Am I awake or dreaming that I am?
Oh no, great.
This is not reality, I still love you.

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Love, what smells? - love poems

Love, what smells? It seems when love
that the whole world is rumored spring.
The dried leaves and branches to make snow
and he still young and ardent, smelling a rose eternal.

Everywhere wreaths opens invisible
all its funds are lyrical laugh-or-punishment,
the woman's kiss becomes a magical effect
that, as in the paths, endlessly renewing ...

Come to the ideal of soul music concerts,
words of a light breeze from trees;
are sighs and weeping, and sighing and crying
left as a romantic fresh honeysuckle ...

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Ah vastness of pines - love poems

Ah vastness of pines, murmur of waves breaking,

slow play of lights, a solitary bell,

twilight falling in your eyes, wrists,

land snail, land you sing!

In you the rivers sing and my soul into them flee

as you want and where you want.

Mark my way into your bow of hope

soltaré and delirium in my flock of arrows.

Around me I see your waist of fog

and your silence haunts my hours of persecution,

and are you with your arms of transparent stone

where my kisses anchor, and my craving wet nests.

Ah your mysterious voice that love and double stained

resonant in the evening and dying!

So deep in hours on the fields I have seen

bent pins in the mouth of the wind.

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My Dear Valentine poems

Some time that we know
we are both
into something that looks like a friendship.
Compartimos thousand secrets
We are a thousand things
it is time to tell the truth.
I'm feeling something new
my heart wants you to talk
that is beating for you
and you want to ask
who are you going to do the rest of your life
are you going to do that now and forever
I want to know
if a miracle can be
This dream is
the beginning of an everlasting love.
I would like to join me
that it changed my life
I would look at each evening
and you know you extrano
every time you go
I need to have a little more closely.
I can not pretend
my heart is overcome
that you still beating
and you want to ask
who are you going to do the rest of your life
are you going to do that now and forever
I want to know
if a miracle can be
This dream is
the beginning of an eternal love

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Grateful Love

Only comes out when the dew really want
and the yearning desire to flourish when it is expected
only the beauty of a word is a being
caressing as a petal that love shows

When you see the infinite as a lost eye
in just seconds forget life
that we rest our hope in it as
that only comes with a little temperance

Never ignore the gifts received
that all tend to be most dear
never rejected by the losing ways
a very nice opportunity, if we have ever experienced.

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